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I am a true indigo child; seeking freedom and noncomformity while living an alternative lifestyle with strong connections to earth and nature. I travel frequently and sporatically, often with no notice or plan of action.

I spend most of my time outdoors in the forests, mountains, oceans, lakes, and rivers and enjoy nothing more than exploration. I continually explore the boundries of the planet as well as my own personal boundries, socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I am as laid back as they come but will stand for what I believe in. I am wild. I live only in the moment. "fast paced people practice the illusion of happiness; day to day tricking themselves into an intentionally naive existance of supposed satisfaction.

surrounded by the hustle and bustle and wedged inbetween what is fake and what is real people press on, slaves to objects and objectifying views. they dart in and out of "relationships" without ever relating - living on the surface, afraid of what they might find, or not find, in the depths of themselves - in the realm of reality.

looking for the one thing that will complete it all - but mostly looking in the wrong places for the wrong things. complicating the simple and simplifying the complex to try and manipulate their "life" to what is accepted and what is acceptably desired.

it is a beautiful thing to live - but so few people actually do it. I AM HERE BUT WHERE AM I? caught in the trap of society and its blinded view of happiness, accepting the "life" and refusing to live it while denying the "life" and trying to live.

" Transvestites singles It's your , do what you want to do!

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Taking a Break

Taking a break from here for awhile. My friends, you know how to find me. Others, if you are creative, you can figure it out!Looking for SLC area people with like minded interests. You must be clean, d/d free and FLEXIBLE with your time.

Mine is seriously at a premium. ONLY THE SERIOUS NEED RESPOND.

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fuc$ if i know, you tell me. if guys write thier own they're gonna sound like "yeah i'm the Fuc$ing man, loads of cash, 10" cock, always win, and god likes me more than everybody else, yeah we talk on the phone.

" yeah i'm pretty cool but, not that fuc$in cool. i have a pretty solid personality. a bit rough around the edges but still intelligent. you come find out and see if we hit it off k. Transvestites singles pretty, fun, and honest.

you have to have pretty eyes. the kind that say something everytime i look at them. love music and going out.

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Iam a loving person and I like to travel alot and go out to clubs with friends and Iam a romantic person I love to give my lady roses and oil massage and treat my lady to dinner with some light candles.I want a women that is honest and truth full and is not all about games and wont use me Iam here for long term relationship not for games.

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Thidis the last resonce that I have recieved. And I quote "nice legs...ur profile is hilarious!!! i didn't want to be rude like u and not speak when i looked, so hi, and bye" recjectt the things that most of you are saying I am.

LMAO!! Well what do I say?... I'm 6-6 attractive, so I'm told. I'm a Chef Tired of all the fakes thar send e-mails ans want to meet and I arrange my schedule and nothing. If you are interested and real just let me know.

Is that really hard? Transvestites singles Looking to meet and enjoy the company of real people. I an really simple to understand. Just be real, honest, and fun.

The rest will fall into place.

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whatever it takes Transvestites singles

I've reached the point where I can look back and say I've done well... but there's more to do. For me a perfect date is a bottle of wine and talking 'til dawn. I want to meet my complete opposite and find common ground with him.

Sexually, I'm pretty wild once I get to know you. In my free time I like to spend adult dating, nude girls time in the outdoors. On Sunday afternoons I like to take things easy, getting ready for the work week ahead.

I look forward to whatever life brings. I'm not changing my life, because things are great the way they are. If you contact me I might not reply immediately since I'm new to this and still a bit shy.


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Chances for happiness are like the ticking of a clock, . . .

. . . so constant, yet so fleeting. ~Ravenscar I am an enigma That has yet to be solved. Most of the time I tend to be lost in a world of my of my own creation that none have been able to understand or enter.

I have made mistakes in my life due to the fact that I tend to believe in people. These mistakes have had a serious repercussion in my life and left their stigmata on me. The faint of heart need not apply.

Black is my wound, that I shall carry to my grave, Shadowed is my desire, for someone to save. So if you like puzzles or fancy yourself as being good at solving mysteries, go over my profile and pictures and see if you can figure out the clues I left for you to find me.

The winner will receive a friend, companion, and lover to fill those lonely nights. Without Wax, Ruppert Transvestites singles I have been thinking of you . . .. Thinking of your firm supple body, how it would feel giving you a hot oil massage.

I would bring the oil to a simmer as hot as I could stand, so the heat would match the fire in your loins. Pouring the oil into my hands, enough to coat them without spilling.

The tips of my fingers would start at the base of your neck following your spine to your tail bone. My fingers would spread out letting my palms take in the fullness of your rear following the outer curve of your firm bottom circling each cheek letting my thumbs slide between as my hands venture upward toward your lower back, spreading a warm layer oil in their wake learning the paths along this new world they have found.

Caressing, venturing along the ridges down into the vales learning all there is as they tease and gambol across this landscape that is virgin to them.

Eliciting reactions to feel your peaks hardening and your vales burn with want. Spreading a heat along your body not of the oil. Only to be chilled by the air that follows raising an expectation .

. . An expectation that I share.

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6'1" 235lbs like to have fun, i was married for along time and now divorced, my bills are completly paid for and so are my 2 houses, 1 i live in and the second i bought for my 18 yr old son to live in next door :) my kids are raised and im bored with myself, i need a woman in my life, Transvestites singles if you want to find the right guy to marry, look here.

if you just want sex, thats cool too, if you want sex and some thing extra, i can call a cute little blonde over for the 2 of us, shes fun and cute but i will not marry her but she loves wemen in the sack when we get together, shes the blonde in the pics, her name is tracy.

you can have me or me and her, whatever you want, she will do whatever i ask her to, if i sound interesting , get ahold of me rich

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Looking for fun

I am like no other man. I love to kiss and hold hands.. I am very romantic and loving person. I will do anything to please my partner..I love to lick for hours yes its true ladys adult dating, nude girls Hours.

I am freaky in the bed room LOL but lots of fun out.. I know how to treat a woman and show her respect and love..You can see alot more about me at under lovblack.I am all about pleaseing a womans needs daily and mine once in a while.

. I love to lick a woman and kiss her whole body while making love to her till she just cums unglued...I love to kiss,cuddlie and hold each other.. I like to spoon during the night.

OH yes I love to wake you up by licking you in the night till you cum.. I also am this much fun and more out of the bed room.So lets meet.

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I'm new to Southern Cali, and I spend most of my time working and making money. I don't have time to go out and mingle at bars, so I'm putting out the message online. Trust me ladies, I know how to put it down in the bedroom.

..get at me and see what's up. Transvestites singles I need a sexy SoCal hottie who's independent, confident, and classy with a positive vibe; and most importantly, erotic and sensual in the bedroom.

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