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I go to Georgia Tech, im a second year electrical engineering student, also getting a computer science minor. ssj3hawks . com Nude females in irmo s c i'm not paying for this site. email me at ssj3hawks .


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married and bored in sullivan

look, not looking for a relationship,i already have one of those,,, just hot guy friends on the the side... no questions asked,no bullshit here.. none and dont want anything in return, but total discreetness,stimulating conversation,some good laughs.

. and a stiff cock........besides,, i dont think anyone is really here just to play checkers... oh, and guys,, how bout a picture of the face,,, call me vain, but i like to know who im talkin with,,, i dont like to be dissapointed.

...drop me a line and see if we connect,i want a man, not a boy..... one who knows how to handle himself,one who can handle me and my crazy streak... no fucking fairies please.

my men need to be strong, funny, tattooed (hopefully),athletic,well groomed,I EMPHASIZE CLEAN AND WELL GROOMED.. able to have a conversation, and respect my privacy, take my smartsass remarks.

.the rest we will discuss.......

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Pisces chik looking for her teacher... Nude females in irmo s c

well lets see...life is to short to waist time asking why and wondering what if. sometimes you just have to move on from a situation gathering all the lessons you've learned along the way and go on with your life.

its hard but its how people become people, friends become friends and lovers become something a Lil more than one night stands. its been difficult to move forward but its also been the best decision I've ever made in my life.

sometimes there's just to much past between two people to make it through...even the good times. but now about how i see myself...I'm out going, yet sheepish. I'm not the leader of the pack but if the leader was to have a sick day i would be first in line, lol .

i have a dry since of humor. I'm not racist i just think if your going to live in a country come prepared, know the Lang, and the area's.

i believe all Americans are immigrants when all else is stripped away. if i were to go to Australia i better know the lingo, right. or be prepare to have quite the misunderstood adventure!lol any who i like all different types of music.

a Lil hippie, rap, make sum luv shit, chill and get stoopid music, even a Lil country now and then. i believe music calms the most savages of beasts. even this one.

.. , ) as Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend." i believe this to be so true.i enjoy camping, hiking, swimming at the rivers and lakes, bbqin, skiing in the winter.

i enjoy a good horror flick or comedy, whether we're nustled up and cozy on the coutch or making it a night out on the town. i love to sketch and hopefully in the spring i'll be able to get into some art classes to incurage my intrest in tattooing.

Nude females in irmo s c i think at this point I'm looking for someone i can connect with,have a good time, and someone who isn't afraid to feel something. I've been hurt so many times and i don't want to be hurt anymore.

..i want someone who loves everything about me the things i am and the things i'm not. i'm a Pisces so i'm a very sexual person. i love a good dick and man who knows how to use it! i love to get to know someone over the Internet but i love to meet up and make our sexual fantasies a reality.

..i know this isnt eharmony but it's the closest thing i have,lol. i am looking for a long termer eventually, so if that's not what ur looking for please dont waist ur time.


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hey guys im here...

A man or Woman, of course! Someone that will teach me things that are fun and wouldn't mind teaching me new things or even just a friendly sex talk on the other hand...Must like foreplay!...Also, i'm not a Gold member, so to the people who are e-mailing me, i'm sorry.

..I can't e-mail back on this site!...If you wish to shoot me an e-mail, go for it but, i won't be able to e-mail back. Yes, oh! I'm adding an age limit, no one over the age of 30, please! Oh, i am kinda looking for like a personal photographer to take some pictures of me.

.If you think you're up for it, shoot me a line! Haha.sexy slim male who loves to have fun............let me know!!!

nude females in irmo s c, view photo.

I'm tired of thinking of everything else BUT SEX!

I'm a Gemini!!! Gemini;s are highly intellectual and won't hesitate to play mind games with a lover, mere child's play to them. They are also great communicators, so get ready to hear everything from pithy remarks to impassioned pleas.

Inventive, quick-witted and fun, the Twins will jump around from one lover to the next until they find one who is almost as smart as they are and able to keep up in this high-spirited race.

The reward for those Nude females in irmo s c who can lasso a Gemini is a free-spirited lover who shines at parties but is also a devil in the bedroom. Many Geminis are also ambidextrous.


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Foxy Red Lady looking for some adventure! Nude females in irmo s c

I'm a true lady through and through who has been married for 20 years. My husband and I enjoy a very exciting and satisfying love life, but we'd like to spice adult dating, nude girls things up even more.

So I'm looking for younger well built men to spend some erotic time with, while my husband enjoys filming my encounters for home movies. Looking for single/straight gentlemen, approx. 30-35 with an athletic build 5'10" to 6'2".

Who want to show a real lady a good time, and have some real erotic fun. Short-term, no commitments. Charming, up-beat personalities always a plus! Please no Married or bi-men.

nude females in irmo s c, view photo.

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very respectful cus i was raised to be. i'm really 26, and doing fine, i own a moving company an love physcial labor an anything that has to do with being active. i like to do anything that comes up in life(you gotta try most everything once to know what you like an don't right) Nude females in irmo s c i'd like to find a girl that is just down to do whatever at anygiven moment, can have alot of energy when she wants to,but not off the wall all the time.

cause somtimes is nice just to realax. oh yeah kind of smart, or you know i'm not really sure i'm open-minded an can't tell who i'm gonna like be 4 i meet them.

i can't see how everyone knows exacly who they like before they even talk or meet or whatever.

nude females in irmo s c, view photo.

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I'm a very easy going a spontaneous person. I do have a very high drive and but coupled with dignity and respect. I can be a little shy at first but once I know you, well you'll see. Peace sweet ladies.

Nude females in irmo s c Looking for any women that can tame this BEAST on and in me :-] BIG BOOTIES are especially welcomed. Please no drama, drugs and diseases because this brotha dont carry those items on him.

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Hi , I have been back in Sarasota for three years now. I still don't know to many people and am looking for that special someone. I like adult dating, nude girls to go out, most of the time I go to joyland.

I was born here in Sarasota but grew up on a farm in WV, so I am a big country boy.I like the outdoors. I am looking for someone to spend time with.

nude females in irmo s c, view photo.

lookin for somethin...ill know when i find it!

hey ya'll...im a cute country girl from kentucky...used to be a cheerleader in hs....love sports, workin out, dancin, partyin, hangin with the friends, and most of all athletic, buff, sexy men! i like all types of men from blondes w/blue eyes to dark hair and dark eyes, but i don't go for men old enough to be my dad or grandpa.

..so if u don't fit any of the above mentioned criteria, don't waste your time...if u would like to find out more about me, just message me and please Nude females in irmo s c send a face and body pic along just to make things move along more smoothly! lol.

.. ok thanx for checkin me out and have a very pleasureable day! xoxo

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