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say wazz really good to all my reall **** gentlemen out there a lil bit bout myself imma freak, a leo ,im jamaican so u know i blow that good green(aromatherapy) if u feeling me get back 2 me!!! Hot sexxxxxxx video IM LOOKING FOR GENTLMEN WHO KNOW HYOW 2 DO A WOMAN IN ALL ASPECTS .


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Looking to meet people that want to play around and it may even become something else. We could hang out and travel but interested in sex and even we could become good friends or serious. I am person that treats people equally nice but I admit that people I like I would pay extra attention.

Feel free to drop me a line. Most of my friends would say I have a easy-going personality. When it comes to physical health, I exercise about 3 or 4 times per week but never expect my sex partners to be at about the same fitness level.

I (like) the bar scene. I love sex, and interested in (short-term relationships/long-term relationships). In the bedroom, I tend to like kinky sex. Me gustaria conocer personas que le gustan concer lugares nuevos y jugar mucho.

Podriamos salir divertinos y viajar. Yo trato a todo mundo por igual pero a las personas que me atraen les dio extra atencion.I am looking for easy going person who likes to go places,meet people and a flirt and a tease.

This person would take pride in her personal appearance . Being naturally sexy is a plus but a few things some times are to be learn. Busco a una persona relajada que le guste ir a lugares conocer personas y que sea coqueta.

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Sensimila - sweetie I cannot read any messages you send me on this site. If you want to contact me, just email me at my email address Hot sexxxxxxx video sensimila - i can't see your message sweetie...try emailing me at or

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my promise: give me 80 min uv ur time, i'll give u a helluve time. EVERYTIME!!! Hot sexxxxxxx video

first off, im only here to get some free shit... n i dont take this seriously. i'm not gona pay for this so u can me at /jacksparrow420. i am funny, friendly, i'll drink wit u n i'll smoke u out wit dat bomb shit!!! adult dating, nude girls im not gonna say "i'm not like other guys" but i guarentee i am unique n u wont meet anyone else like me.

hit me up anytime!!!! copy & paste profile./index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=22767909well apparently im a big flirt. girls tell me im a flirt, but thas jus how i talk. i like a girl who can flirt and fight.

(playfight) You will also NEVER hear me brag about my size. im not big, im not small, im jus average. but wen it come to kissing, i have a very educated tongue. althoug i might not have the biggest dick, i can use every inch of it.

n i guarentee NO ONE can kiss as good as me. n wen i say kiss i mean both sets of lips.

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Seeking fun for newfound freedom

I am newly divorced single mom of one looking for FUN ONLY! Love is TOO OVERRATED so HERE FOR SEX! Yes, it feels good to be a woman that can say that. We have needs too, so if you wanna fool around get at me.

I am clean and DISEASE FREE! Hot sexxxxxxx video A male that is TRUE.... HONEST.... NO LIARS...

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Hello ladies.I am an active, energetic,athletic soul who has a high drive for life's treats and i live in the absolute present moment with all its intensity! I take time to take care of myself, everyday, by exercising my physical as well as my cerebral.

I am currently taking a break from work, learned to drive to go out there and meet the beautiful people, and i enjoy my own company when needed! I'm healthy, eat right, no junk, no smoking, no drugs.

I don't judge people, pass any nasty or unhealthy comments toward their gender, religion, politics views..ect..I let people be.I am seeking for the same in return. Hot sexxxxxxx video I am looking ( Or perhaps i'm not looking, and she'll fall right in my arms one night in a bar somewher,)for a special woman, who has all the right reasons to want to meet me.

No BS or lies or pretending to be, or misrepresenting yourself, i can tell when i read between the line. I have a preference for the same kind as mine..Healthy , Beautiful inside and out, non judgemental , free in her mind , soul and body! A friend first, a lover a spiritual companion to walk on a the path of self worth ! I would love to develop a special relationship with this woman.

.One that can be cherished and appreciated for a long time to come!!!

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sweetie pie just lookin and checkin around, really adult dating, nude girls not interested just lookin so no e-mails pleasehot built pleaser chaser kind good listener funny

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Jesus Christ had dreads...so shake em' i love spirituality, aren't we all praying for the same thing? No matter who you pray to...allah, jesus, buddah, whoever, i believe that if you are a good person, and acknowledge the existence of a higher power, god will have a place for you, or if ur an atheist, im pretty sure god will have a place for you if ur cool like that.

Fuck Bush...Vote Kush!!!! All i gotta say is that GOD has one hell of a sense of humor with all the dumbasses in existence. people often ponder the meaning behind life.

..it is truly a deep concept, for SOME people. but im serious, a lot of people were just put on earth to entertain me with their stupidity. ENJOY LIFE AND ALL THE DUMASSES THAT COME WITH IT!!! annnnnnd.

...get out the fast lane bitches if u do the speed limit Silence is golden, but the duck tape that i put over ur mouth to shut you up is silver Hypocricy plagues the world greatly, oj simpson did it, michael jackson is a ing alien, america embarrasses itself, r kelly, ok nevermind.

...if i didnt have a full-time job, id probably spend most of the day participating in drunken orgies...make fun of the world around u, who really gives a ??!! Im extremely laid back and carefree, dangerously so.

i get over really quickly. If somebody made a movie of my life, it would be categorized as a comedy/romance flick. I have been through a lot in my short existence and am very determined to make it.

I grew up in the bay area (yay area) i went to kensington elementary school, willard middle school, and graduated from Berkeley High school. ...i still do not understand how some people got thru high school sober.

.? wdf?? i think what separates me from a lot of ppl is that ive seen the worst and the best parts of life, i mean actually lived both. I love partying and getting faced, i love going to huge festivals, especially the ones where everyone is high on something, big concerts, clubs, everythang.

.. but all in moderation...i li Hot sexxxxxxx video sombody that has something going for them and has a creative mind

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