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I am a worthless man that is a snake in the grass, interested in human beings (sexual preferences open) I like to take advantage of the down-trodden, unfortunate and lonely, if you have a job but most importantly a car, I would love to hook up with you but I will need a ride.

Be prepared for the cops to question you occasionally and the periodic g/f - baby momma to come terrorize your home, also must have a sub-script to US Today, computer that I may download various and sundry smut porn and single websites upon.

I will stash and steal anything you have and don't want to share. Make myself at home anywhere I go, but I must warn you I am better at writing and texting than I am in a one on one environment and I am an absolute zero at interpersonal and imtimate relationships.

I AM A BAD MOTHER FARKER! NO WORRIES! Remember "You can change your day at any given time, so turn that frown upside down"... now ya hear? Foto mature sex Depresses, lonely or single vulnerable mothers with cash, car, job or source of income.

...I'm not picky, if it doesn't work out I'll move on to sisters, best friends, acquaintances, etc...I do enjoy carrying on multiple "secret" relations so if your into being lied, manipulated and down right mind f***d, I am your man BABY!!!!!

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i love a women with a good sense of humour and enjoys meeting up occassionaly for fun.i love being adventurous ecspecially the outdoors.so if your looking for making the most of your fun time drop me a lineim looking for someone who enjoys a laugh and no bunny boilers please

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Need Some Hugs & Kisses Foto mature sex

If you are EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE , LEAVE NOW - I need TO FEEL . I Love to lay in bed and listen to the rain - wrapped in the arms of my lover - after a long session of slow, hot passionate lovemaking.

Looking for a man to share life with. Voluptuous, professional, down to earth, very sensual and sexy, independent, good sense of humor, affectionate, big breast and lg nipples Foto mature sex Honest, Caring, Able to carry on a conversation, Good sense of humor,

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browncupcake B

Busy,adventorous,single professional with intense sexual desires looking for open,sexual,sensual,mature relationship.Love snow,sun,sand,ocean,sunset in all over the world,camping,skiing,hiking,biking,saili ng,interior design,fasion design,cozy ethnick restaurants/hot& spicy a must/ light jazz,Enya,Shade/.

....more...Lokking for attractive,passionate,adventourous,possi tive ,

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i'm a comical fun guy just lookin to have a good time

One of my favorite things to do is TRAVEL & SCUBA DIVE. I am very active in athletics, to many things to list... Foto mature sex I work alot so dont have much time to meet girls. I'm open minded and will try just about any thing (aslong as its not ).

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I love anything crazy or exotic. Nothing plain. Like when people talk they all sound the same. Especially news people they all sound the same, in voicing. I hate when I'm at work (anywhere?) And people all have the same boring poor me attitude! no, lie! Also I love cars, with muscle.

I hope I can save up for a car that will be reliable, my camaro is kinda old.. lolol. Other than all that, I love living and I live by day, never knowing what's next.

I'm not sure if I want to get married or what road to take as far as a significant other?? I hate doing anything that requires hard work unless it is worth the go.

A lot of people will never understand me... But the ones who do are like diamonds to me. I'm always lonely but when I'm not I wish I was alone?? Kinda weird lol! I also think that life is a huge video game! Like everything is against me and I must defeat many levels to get something simple.

(Example) You're walking t words an empty road and you look at the road, It appears to have no adult dating, nude girls drivers.

.. As you come to cross the road cars start coming out of no where!!!! All because you need to go across! Now isn't that some crudd lololololol! I also can't seem to find the point for life but I guess not all things need a point?.

...As far as this town pueblo goes.. Everyone is a drinker or a smoker... Let me rephrase that! lolol! (POT HEAD) LOLOL! I'm kind of tiered of seeing pot heads or addicted drinkers.

I guess In this town If you are an alcoholic you are a bad ass! Well not me I do not smoke or drink. I have many other ways to spend my money and time. So please don't ask me if I want to have a drink or if I'd like to blaze it!!!! It sounds kind of childish but I think it is a ty way to have fun, I bet that supplies the reason why pueblo's birth rate per capita is so extreme.

. Most of all I try to be me, Not original like everyone else wants, or tries to be... lol! It seems now days everyone tries to be original and to me it seems, To be un-original, Is the only way to.

. I'm really outgoing and I love to laugh! I never take anything to serious and I am very social! no two ways about it. I talk to everyone and anyone... Non of that dark shiz where I see some one I know and hide.

.. not me. I am also not a downer, I am a sugar pill built for you! I hate downers! Just live and have fun with me! It's not that bad really! lolol I love cars I also love figuring people out! I am also crazy funny so watch your ass! I can make a joke out of everyday life! I also feel no need to be serious at all times.

I just want to want something that you've got and that I do not have. But I am going to be your next best friend so here I am!

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a good time makes life easier!

im a well maintained kinda guy, i love to have a good time and feel appreciated! Foto mature sex i need to see it, to know its what i want!

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In need of someone to play with on the side

I hate writting about myself, but here it goes! Im 30, 6'2" 210lbs, athletic build with blues eyes and dark brown hair. Im half irish and half italian. I consider myself attractive, open minded and plenty of fun!!! There is nothing better then first time sex with someone.

The excitment, anticipation and exploring each others bodies for the first time. So if you are serious and want to play with me get back to me!!!!!! So can anyone tell me if there is any one real out there on this site?????? Or is every profile a fake and just trying to get u to join another site????? If there is any ladies who r truly interested and want to exchenge emails and not other web sites get back to me!!!!!! Foto mature sex Im just looking for someone to play with on the side, nothing more!!! I just need the excitement of the sex with strangers.

Im very oral and get off by getting a woman off. I need someone between the ages of 18-35. Must be attractive with a great ass and a pretty pussy, If you want to know more send me a email.

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I'm pretty much a freelance adventurer. adult dating, nude girls I like to party and ramble.Well, let's just say I'm into hot chicks who are down with the sickness.

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single goth male ,looking for a female of similar characteristics.

I am a goth,who is in touch with the feminine but not .I am over sinches down stairs,and i aim to please my lovers. Foto mature sex I want an open minded,sexy,romantic,sensual,goth girl.

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