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I'm been in the Army about 5 years now and I really enjoy serving my country. I love to play guitar in my free time...and alot of partying..lol Doylestown female loves cum i'm deploying in the middle of October so i'm really looking for just a good time before i leave.

Someone with a good sense of humor and the ability to carry a conversation. I don't really like the bigger ladies..sorry..look how small i am! Independent older women are a huge turn on.

..uhm...that's about it!

doylestown female loves cum, with photo.

Looking to have some fun!

Im just a regular ol guy out to have some fun! I love playing pool, going bowling, and snowboarding... I love going out to the clubs! Ready to party? I get along with everyone. Hit me up even if it's just to chat it up! I hear I have a big cock, maybe cause im half black.

. haha. Only on here for a few more days, so you can contact me at joes2cool1 at aol dot comLooking for a girl who likes to drink and have some good ol fun wit me! Maybe you can teach me something.

.. Just looking for a lady to go out with and have a great time! Let me buy ya drink and we can see what happens from there!

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doylestown female loves cum, view pic.

Doylestown female loves cum

I am in the navy. I enjoy going out to eat, to the movies. Doing a little shopping here and their. I love the out doors. I love to stay active by playing sports. I like going out to the club or the bar and dancing drinking and haveing a good time.

Doylestown female loves cum I want someone who is outgoing. Someone who is trustworty and fun loving. She has to love to go out and have fun. I like a girl who is caring and loving.

I want a girl who can show me what she is working with at the club and in the bed. She has to be able to keep up. A girl who likes to go to the club and party till the club closes.

If that is you then hit me up.

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

looking for someone who knows how to have a good time

Hi I'm a real kick back type of guy. More like a strong silent type. I love music it's pretty much the reason I get up in the morning. I play guitar for a band. I like to go out and drink (not an alcoholic) with friends, and have a good time.

If you want to know anything else just askim looking for a girl who likes to have a good time. someone who's outgoing and not a home body. though blockbuster nites are fun too

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

Freak in the sheets

I am a big flirt when it comes to being around guys. I like to have fun but only with single men. Looking for some fun for now but Doylestown female loves cum also looking for a long term relationship.

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

Doylestown female loves cum

Well, I am the nice guy, with a bad boy streak. Are there nice guys left? There are.. but slowly becoming extinct. I am not in a relationship, not married, have no kids and have quite an open schedule. I have a professional career and am very stable.

I love it here in California adult dating, nude girls and am very pleased with my life right now. Lets just say that relationships are not out of the question, but I"m not directing my attention towards having one at the moment.

I've just recently departed from a relationship and it's time for new experiences and adventures again!It is very simple. I'm here for pure pleasure, laughter and fun.

No games, no issues, no hassels, no challenges. Just wanting to meet other playful female souls who are open minded, loving life and want to spend quality time together, whether it becomes physical or not.

Time is fleeting so I'm looking to squeeze life for everything it has to offer. I'm one for engaging conversation over a nice bottle of wine or a passionate evening that leads into watching a beautiful sunrise.

Never be afraid to take a chance. You cannot change the past, but only impact the future.

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

Why wait for tomorrow .. Carpe Diem Damn It

Im 31, single female. I have no urge to meet anyone that isn't strickly platonic to START OFF with. Take is slow daaawlin and we can see where it goes. Don't get it twisted I definitely love living life to the fullest, but I am picky and it takes more than a fucking hot torso to get my motors purring.

I need to be stimulated on all three levels, visually, mentally and physically. I am not the woman to settle for less than what I want.

I am willing to wait as long as I need to. I'm not looking for Marriage, but I am not looking a one night stand either. Test me if you will, you will just find out how strong willed and damn right blunt the woman I am really is.

I love going out to the club and dancing with a few drinks. I am at the least.. An interesting female. I started heading back to the gun range on a weekly basis as well as the gym about 5 days a week.

I am a certified personal trainer and a bartender. I spend the rest of my time with my family and friends out and about. I do love to sit at home from time to time.

Before you contact me just know I am not interested in middle eastern men or african american. Sorry, I'm not even attracted it has nothing to do with anything else. If I'm not for you well good luck looking and be safe!Note.

.. I have a daughter that I take care of first. So don't take it personal if I do not have much free time. Doylestown female loves cum Laid back, good head on top of his neck, great lips with those eyes I can get lost in.

Be around 26-34, no drama, and straight up. Leave the drama at the door please. Be able to hit the gym with me, a few times a week is a must. If you cant take care of your body then you have no place in my life.

Health and nutrition are extremely important to me. Show me manners and respect and you will get far with me. I prefer a bit of those old fashion values.

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

"That things a monster"

Just your average horny little devil. I have to hear it. That sound of the "little death" and if you know what I'm talking about then you are the kind of person I'm looking for. Pictures of myself will come later.

I want to get a feel for the site first to see how the damned scamer spammer population is first. Doylestown female loves cum A tight waist is a must preferably with all the right curves everywhere else.

And a great smile, sense of adventure, and sense of humor. I love to laugh.

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

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Ok first You might want to turn right back around If you dont want to read my profile!! I have a mouth and the words that come out of it does not always coinside with other adult dating, nude girls people think.

I am Me.. Not somehigh drama crap. I dont want head games. What ever happened to just being who we are and not what ever one thinks we should be..?I have a Dominant personality over half the male's I know So, thats 5 to 10% that does NOT apply.

I can Becruel and to the point. YES!! I am Strange and Forceful sometimes But, to those who know me LOVE ME!!! LOL! ***NO BLACKS** **NO Mexicans*** Dont take it personally Its just want I like .

... I like a guy with attitude but Not so much his head explodes with it. Stop asumming you know what females like and try asking please!! If I think your Hott I will tell you but some guys are just nice to know & others I would rather throw into a Pit of snakes.

I want a Nice Tall guy and he really doent have to be all that Hot But his personality will Rock!! Tattos are a Big Plus along with Piercings!! The odder life thinks you are the More I will like you.

And please be able to hold a conversation...Think out of the Box people!! I want a person Like Me!! And I will let you know when that happens if you are that person. And I do like to sit around and hang out and be friends too My life does not always have to be about sex.

..But just to let you know..even If I got with some one...Dont expect me to stop playing...I will just have you play with me or us.

.. Or you can go play with some one else.. But! I will be the first one to speak up If I want More Attention!! I love a guy that Is a strong enough person to know there mind and If he wants me! If Not keep walking.

I like dom guys with a play ful side and a since of humor..Make My ass Laugh damit!! & then turn around and Smack My ass!! I will add more later or hey!! Ask....I only bite....lol

doylestown female loves cum, view photo.

Hey I am a board house wife looking for a good time

I am a 24 year old mom with a husband who is gone a lot and my type of sex is more than he can handle I like to have my hair pulled and every thing else Doylestown female loves cum you might think of. I like threesoms and more.

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