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We are a fun loving committed couple looking to try new things. Would like to meet another couple with similar interests for fun and games. Would like to try a partner swap 3-way, orgy, webcam - whatever! We are hot and ready! We meet for a cocktail and prelimenary introductions and then, if all are agreed, exchange partners and then head to a club for some music and dancing! Watching each other, we soon become involved in an intense competition to see which couple can get hotter than the other. Kissing, squeezing, rubbing ourselves into a frenzy - then perhaps sharing a limo (since were probably to horny to drive straight) the four of us retire to a jacuzzi suite and continue our quest for mutual satisfaction ... We went to a club and had sex once, but only with each other. It was a turn on though, to do it in front of strangers! Can't wait to eat you!
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