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Fuck, if it aint fun- why do it?

Divorced wild man looking for fun. (this should sum it up. I'm Just Watching The World Go By... Wanna have some fun? Ive done some ameture stand up so you have to be on your toes, and really like to laugh. Physically, Im big, Ok? but Atlas wasnt a little guy.

.. It takes a big man to shake the world. Yes I like kids. Im self employed, and I run a small company, so the most my free time I set still is in a tattoo chair.

I've a few war stories, and I would like to meet new people that have a few stories of their own to share, as we make a few new ones. I am a semi driver, (no the rumors are not true, I am NOT into truck stop hookers) so I can pretty much be anywhere.

.. I like that. Hobbies include- full contact martial arts, driving things that were never meant to go fast waaaay past the speed limit. And breaking things, by far and away the most fun of the lot.

No adult sex I'm looking for sombody that understands 2 simple concepts. The first is Im looking for someone that knows how to have real fun.

If It ain't fun- why do it? Travel? no problem, activities of a less than safe and sound nature? no problem, adventure? no problem.. Drama?...Problem. Fake ass set up / stand up? Problem. I mean really.

.. It's a waste of time. Don't start what you won't finish. I graduated High School in 92 so my HS BS games stopped 17 years ago.. The second is Im trying to forget the last 13 years. If you like what you see let me know, Dont be shy.

. I dont bite... I nibble..

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Hey I'm 18, Im very cute :) I really like to suck dick and f*** . :) . Recently just got out of high school...lookin for someone special with a big dick ;) and that handle my shopping addiction with their money lol :) I really just need some dick ;) Send me a message on if you wanna see these big titties on cam ;) Lookin for a good TONIGHT/TODAY!!! ;);););) with YOUNG dudes, none of ya old asses.

NO PICTURE..DON'T MESSAGE ME!A sexy brunette guy/girl ...with a great personality.. who loves to lick and F*** cause I like to do it all day everyday ;) lol 20-26 for me please! ;)

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I am a Single Hispanic Woman living in San Jose. I am a very happy go lucky person. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I am very easy to get along with. Im a Big girl, so if you dont like big gurlz.....better to skip on to the next one.

No adult sex I am looking for Friends, maybe more. If you would like to get to know me or want to know something, just send me a message. I tend to like younger guys.......

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JOHANZ (Jo-hans) all over My Bodi

I bartend,i'm a people person ,and like to make u people laugh.i like to go out and do stuff it doesn't matter what it is,ANYthing!!!!looking for a someone to share these thing w// ME :)

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If we meet an honest and intelligent politician, a dozen, a hundred,

If we meet an honest and intelligent politician, a dozen, a hundred, we say they aren't like politicians at all, and our category of politicians stays No adult sex unchanged; we know what politicians are like

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im a very outspoken person, if i dont like something or someone i have to say something. i have 13 tattoos, i have my tongue pierced and adult dating, nude girls yes i do know how to use it. im never really around a computer so if i dont get back to you right away dont take offense to it.

..i love tattoos they turn me on. so if you have them it's a plus. I love to have fun, go to parties & clubs but I also like to sit around the house and enjoy a night of movies & cuddling on the couch.

I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh & know how to keep up with me, like me for me & not try to change anything. I dont like people telling me who I can & can't hang out with or what I can & cannot do.

I do not like to feel like im being controlled so if u do that then don't bother talking to me.

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Im a fit Half Scottish Half Puerto Rican Young man I enjoy the outdoors and the indoors also very laid back and like to keep my body in shape but im not some health nut.Three top things i like to do would be Going out on the town (dinner and a movie or just drivin around hanging out somewhere).

Reading or writing(trying to write a book).Last either watching movies or once in a while play a few games online with my friends its that or we go out and do some fun activity (target shoot or play volleyball).

I am looking to have a good time with someone nothing serious and if it turns out to be serious i wouldnt mind either.

Someone who is hot,sexy and Beautiful.So if your interested send me a message ;) No adult sex You remind me of the Moon with your pale soft skin radiating an angelic light into this darkness,giving off a warm welcoming glow in the cold night,your smooth silky skin and your Beautiful smile that makes men stare in awe of you,having me yearn for next time it will be night so that i can see you again but yet it saddens me for like the moon i can never touch you or hold you, we can never be together.

I am the lone wolf that howls for you.-yeah it prob sounds corny i guess i didnt have that much to write here so i thought this up.

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"Girls just wanta have Fun!"

I'm in the mood for something a little more exciting in the bedroom. I get along best with people who know how to keep a secret. When I'm at home alone, odds are I've brought work from the office with me.

I've reached the point where I'm free to do what I want, when I want, with who I want. It feels good. I've always been good at creating an adventure. When I'm out driving I like to blow down the freeway as fast as I can.

If you contact me remember that emails with a naked No adult sex photo get special consideration. I'm not changing my life, I'm just turning up the volume on my leisure time.

I look forward to seeing where this leads us.

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This is a waste of time

Don't worry about it. I absolutely hate rude people which this site seems to be full of. For God's sake if someone messages you, message them back, even if it's to say "Hey I'm adult dating, nude girls not interested.

" Jesus, where the hell did everyone's respect go. So what if someone messages you, have the courtesy to message them back. Rude ass people.... Seriously.I don't have one, especially not with all the fake ass women on here.

All the fakes and all the stuck up, up tight yuppie mother f*ckers that say they want to get laid but then have all these "requirements" a guy has to meet, it's all a load of sh*t and you can all go to hell.

This site is a waste of time.

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sexy girl looking for fun

hi there! my name is jess and i'm 18 and a senior in h.s. No adult sex i just want to meet new people and have some fun:)

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